Workforce Growth & Success with our One-size-fits-one approach, and Organizational Success with our Hire-to-Retain offerings.

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Understand & Implement the right set of solutions in real-time using the Moments of Truth Framework to deliver a rich workforce experience.

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Create Transformational Opportunities with our Workforce Intelligence Suite by combining publicly available data with real-time enterprise data.

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HONO Enable - Hire to Retain Solution (H2RS)

Everything you need to run HR

The HONO Hire to Retain Solution begins even before you hire anyone and goes well beyond their tenure at your organization. HONO helps you to digitize and digitalize your employees' journey and provide you actionable insights to better employee productivity and retention.

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HONO H2RS Enables

Employees to balance their work-life

Team Managers to optimize business outcomes

HR to simplify the entire Workforce Life Cycle and Organizations to drive positive change

Plan & Attract

Seamlessly plan, recruit and onboard through Job Portal Integration, Career Portal Setup, Social Messaging Tools & Manpower Analysis.

Data & Life Cycle Insights

Enhance Data Integrity from Workforce Life Cycle Management though AI-enabled automations for payroll, leave, expense management and real time data driven insights.

Manage Compliance & Records

Maintain files & records compliant with legal requirements through a blend of legal, ethical & industrial up-to-dateness.

Grow Talent

Provide your people with a great experience in times of change to set them up for success ! Ensure ongoing Feedback, Mentorship and Nudges to foster employee performance.

Retain for life

Explore Strategies to Improve Talent Retention through real-time insights, prescriptive actions and build healthy relationships for life.

Ai driven hiring
data workforceinsights
Nurture Talent

HONO ENGAGE : The New Employee Experience Platform

Listen, Analyze & Act on the Pulse of your organization in Real Time

Discover & build outstanding employee experience and engagement through a suite of intelligent tools, created using complex data science algorithms, with a view to make your lives simple.

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A suite that allows you to engage with your employees, reward and recognize them, know what is on their minds and give them a space to collaborate.

Time-of-day Sentiment

Track the mood of your organization at every tick through sentiment checks from the HONO Chatbot for the Desktop, Web & Mobile.

Four-Dimensional Pulse Check

Know all-there-is-to-know about your workforce through lifecycle transactions, events, adhoc & periodical pulse checks.

HONO Moments Of Truth Index

Covers the 9 Critical moments of truth throughout the employee journey, providing evidence based, actionable insights to enable a purpose led culture for your organization.

Collaborate, Recognize & Reward

Transition from a Command to a Collaborative Leadership Style. Foster a culture of Meritocracy & Engagement by driving collaboration, enriching competency & recognizing commitment.
sentiment analysis
4 Dimensional Pulse Check
Moments of Truth framework
Collborate, recognize, Reward

HONO TRANSFORM : WORKFORCE INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM Blended Power of Data & AI for Organization Transformation

Future-proof your workforce and organizational growth trajectory by tapping into the potential of HONO’s Meta Library of organization context, to get a clear line of sight into transformational opportunities.

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Workforce Intelligence


The AI-driven employee experience platform that uses NLP, AI and predictive modelling – thereby allowing leadership to be informed and proactive about employee concerns.

Analytical Dashboards

Understand the health of the organization at a glance through analytical dashboards that allow smart visualization of complex data

Predictive Analysis

Combine the power of AI & ML to predict the drivers and inhibitors of the overall organisational performance in real-time.

NLP, AI and Prescriptive Actions

Collect-Analyze-Act on unstructured data & conversational feedback through HONO’s AI-powered Prescriptive Actions Library.

AI dashboards
Predictive analysis
AI , NLP. Prescriptive analysis

Decoding the moments of truth framework

There are certain moments in employee life which are far more precious and of high impact when compared to others. HONO uses deep learning AI in Moments of Truth to dig deep inside them, providing evidence based, actionable insights and enabling a purpose led culture.

EX in the MOT Framework refers to Employee Experience

Powerful Integrations to make your work life simpler...

HONO plays well with other tools that you might need to make your workflow easier and efficient. HONO is a powerful tool which uses latest technology to provide you with the best HR solutions

Here is what our clients have to say about us !

At Spencer’s Retail, it was absolutely critical to have on board the Right HRMS partner in both our digital and employee experience journey.After due diligence we selected HONO as our partner of choice because of their integrated product offering , end-to end modules customised to Spencer’s unified solution requirements, which would empower and engage our workforce. It was important also to build effective interface with relevant other applications to enable seamless operations and robust HR analytics to support and partner with Business stakeholders. Congratulations to HONO as well as my Core HR team in timely implementation of the project ! They were committed to our mission of driving an excellent employee experience as much as we were….hope we continue to get excellent support as usual .

Sutanu Chowdhury - CHRO, Spencer’s Retail.

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Here is what our clients have to say about us !

With a Start-up energy, we wanted to focus on our HR processes to ensure greater transparency and higher productivity. Forming a culture of digital-first, we have always been enthusiastic about ensuring the optimization of processes to save time & employee bandwidth. Partnering with HONO helped us reduce the time consumed by manual processes and focus on business growth. We were ready to GO-Live a month in advance. It feels good to operate with a team that is so self-reliant and motivated.


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